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We established our tree trimming company, Garcia's Tree Care, in 2017 and have been offering 22 years of dedication to our customers in the Dickson, TN area! We serve residential and commercial properties within 60 miles and can’t wait to make your trees perfect!

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

We Go Beyond That Extra Mile

Our customers being happy with our tree removal and every other service is what we look forward to throughout the process. We go the extra mile and beyond to ensure everyone is happy with what we provide in terms of work and results. We wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re not satisfied – we will work even harder until you are! That’s also why we offer discounts and a free estimate – it’s part of the package to make you happen from start to finish and provide impeccable results at fair rates!

Beauty is a Given When Working With Us

Trees are supposed to be beautiful even during the seasons when their leaves have fallen off or are covered in snow – they must be perfect. We can ensure that with our tree trimming and every other service. We focus all our energy on the tree before us and don’t stop working until it looks impeccable and is clear of every untamed or diseased branch. We have the equipment we need, and if you give us the time – we’ll show you what beautiful trees are supposed to look like!

Call Garcia's Tree Care at (615) 205-5128 and request our safe tree removal or our other exceptional services. Don’t hesitate to retain the finest team in the Dickson, TN area for your property!

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